Our scources

Our wood sources are located in the mountains of northern Thailand. Here we can find aged trees which were grown by local landowners, with the purpose to make furniture. Furniture production has a long tradition in northern Thailand. As we know, acacia wood is one of the most desired wood species to use for furniture production because of its rare characteristics, which are preferred by furniture producers.
Please refer to our ”About Acacia” Section for more details.

Our sources are inspected and verified by the Royal Thai forest department, where we are required to prove the origin of our material. For every export occurring, we must obtain a separate export license from the Forest Department. Every item leaving country borders is inspected and checked before shipping. Wood legal to export must originate from private plantations, Only finished products are permitted for export. Wood export here in Thailand is under strict supervision from the Government and its authorities.
As our pictures show, we can choose our raw material and special pieces for our designs.
Our chosen logs then get cut and kiln dried before plaining and sanding.