Handcrafted Wooden Tables

Made from giant acacia wood trees

leelawoodworks, we sell tables

We at Leelawoodworks strive to sell quality products that leave our buyer satisfied and happy with their purchase. Our Tables have sizes that vary in length and width, but the usual scheme is from 2-6m in length and 90-140cm in width.

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Choose your design

If you have any special design you want to be done then you are welcome to contact us

Some of our Designs

Acacia Series

Some of our current tables are part of a series, this is something we thought of to make the purchase of multiple pieces with the same for or design easier for you, the customer. There are three series right now and more to come. Series are easier to manufacture in larger quantities for us since the design and form are similar to each other. There are a few things you should know though if you intend to purchase multiple pieces in a series so for more details,


Standard table series

This is one of our standard dining table designs, made of two joint acacia wood slabs, straight cut, surface oiled

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Half moon coffee table series

Our half-moon Coffe table selection, named after the first and last quarter of the lunar phase, the half-moon.  

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Half tree bench series

 A long, natural wood bench. made of a massive half tree

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