About Acacia Wood

The Acacia tree

The acacia tree, also known as raintree, is a moderately widespread fast-growing tree in tropical regions. This tree is called ”Mai Chamcha” in Thailand. Acacia, although hard to believe, is a type of bush, the tree itself starts branching out very early at the trunk but can still grow over 40m high. The real acacia (Mai Chamcha) may be confused with locust (also called the false acacia) which grows in colder regions. Locust is similar in colour as well as structure to the real acacia. The wood shrinkage of acacia is comparable to oak in that it has very low shrinkage and is thus very suitable for furniture production. The characteristics of our single wood slabs are not only its beautiful colours but also almost unshrinking properties. Only a few wood species are suitable for making wood slab furniture because of these above-mentioned reasons, thus providing our customers with long-living quality products.

Important advice

There exist important aspects to note should you choose to purchase our products. All solid wood products are susceptible to temperature and moisture changes. It is advised that the customer avoid storing the wood in damp or heated/dryer environments. Transferring the furniture from a damp environment to a heated/dryer one and vice versa should conclude slowly, giving the wood some time to acclimatise itself. Placing the product next to a heating body like furnaces or chimneys is not recommended. It is advised to always ventilate the room so the interior may have the same climate as the exterior, this is also healthy for the customer. The wood may develop cracks, should the customer choose to ignore the advice given. We dissuade from locations with floor heaters since it may negatively affect the wood. The delivery of our products from tropical climates takes time, usually on a ship, and also helps our products to acclimatize to several environments they may be shipped to.
In general, there is very little reason for concern, since acacia wood has little torsion properties. Natural wood continues to dry even after the purchase until reaching a moisture level of 11%, should this process conclude without major obstacles (abrupt climate change, damp storage, humid storage) the product then may accompany you through your whole life and not lose its lustre. For this reason, we use special wood oils to refine the finely sanded surface of our wood furniture. Should our product lose its lustre over some time, the customer may re-oil it, making the product as attractive as it was before. Lacquer for surface treatment may only be applied upon explicit request from the customer. We do not take responsibility for lacquered surfaces because of vulnerability to scratches and potential colour changes of the product.
Our goal is to ship long-lasting quality products for all our customers.


Our products are made with utmost care and dedication.
Should any kind of problem surface throughout the delivery of the product then we will only take responsibility for damages and shortcomings caused directly by us. Every product shown on this website is shipped and delivered ex-works Thailand. Delivery conditions and shipping address may be addressed individually for every customer.
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